Strong Bones

from by Jay Mankita



Jay Mankita c 2005

I got bones in my fingers, bones in my toes
Bones in my head, well, everybody knows
Bones in my hands, bones in my feet
Keeping' 'em healthy with the food I eat

Give me strong bones, give me healthy bones
Not sticks and stones, but healthy bones….
Give me strong bones, give me healthy bones
Not sticks and stones, but healthy, flexible skeleton bones

Skeleton bones like to run and play
They don't much like sittin’ around all day
Exercisin' in the light of the sun
Skeleton bones gonna have some fun

They can’t help themselves; its not their fault
But skeletons don’t like too much salt
Too much soda or junky food,
Puts your skeleton bones in a frightening mood

Exercise when I work and play
The bones in my skeleton like it that way
They like to run and jump and stretch and move
My skeleton bones like to dance to the groove

Calcium helps your skeleton grow
Milk’s not the only place to get it though
Calcium that your skeleton needs
Is in rutabaga, raisins, and sesame seeds

In Broccoli, Bok Choy, Black turtle beans
Butternut Squash and Mustard greens
Fruits and veggies, seeds, beans, and grains
Have Calcium for bones and brains


from Eat Like A Rainbow, released March 3, 2007
Jay Mankita c 2005

Jay Mankita - vocals
Mike Morris - harmony vocals, acoustic guitar
Rusty Boris - bass
Graham Taylor - drums
Dave Bell - keyboards


all rights reserved



Jay Mankita - Eat Like A Rainbow Amherst Center, Massachusetts

Jay Mankita is an American songwriter, guitarist, recording artist, and dad. He's based in the Northeast, but travels all over.
Jay writes and performs songs for kids about animals, ecology, and healthy food, in schools, libraries, fairs, and festivals. He also writes and performs for adults.
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